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  • This family was first described by Rhoads and Friedberg (1997). The main feature of this family is the spacing between two bulky hydrophobic residues. Ideally, two bulky hydrophobic residues are spaced by 8 amino acid residues. Some have additional anchoring residues in the middle. It is not known whether binding affinities vary with having more binding residues in the middle.
  • A structure representing this group has been solved by Meador et al (1993). For more information about the structure, click here.
  • These peptides bind to calmodulin primarily in the presence of calcium.

1-10 Subclasses

1-5-10 xxx(FILVW)xxxx(FAILVW)xxxx(FILVW)
Basic 1-5-10 (RK)(RK)(RK)(FAILVW)xxxx(FILV)xxxx(FILVW)
1-10 (FILVW)xxxxxxxx(FILVW)
  • Residues within parentheses can substitute for each other.


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Sequence Alignment, Data and Homologs

Basic 1-5-10

CaMKII and Ca2+-Calmodulin
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